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The Silk Route 2.0

If you are familiar with our clothes, it is not surprising to hear they are made in India. But not just the clothes, the bags, too, come from overseas Morocco, as well as the jewellery. What is happening at Aotearoa’s Caravan&co. that makes it so international?
Although globalization has speeded up the process of cultures coming together, this is not something new. Think about the story the Silk Route, a route spanning from China through Central Asia and the Middle East to the Mediterranean. For centuries long people traded their goods along this route with caravans and camels. The route is named after one of its most important and luxurious products: silk.
With its centrally-located position in Asia, it is not surprising that silk is still a popular fabric in India, and therefore not unexpected either that it plays such an important role for Caravan&co’s clothes. But it does not stop just there: from the designs that are inspired by Japanese kimonos, to funky colourful jackets seen on popular Western band pics from the 70s to the jewellery found in the Sahara.


Our pre-pandemic life allowed us to have a stall on the Taranaki Street Wharf in summer, meeting so many people from all over the world; “cruiseshippers”, backpackers, or local kiwis during their lunch break. Our kiwi founder Emily employs people from all over the world, too, such as travellers from Turkey and the Netherlands. And even though summer is over and our overseas-nomadic lifestyles have come to a halt, we still see our cultural connections grow. This is happening especially online, with new customers from all over the world. It may be without camels, in a blue shipping container instead of a tent, or with a digital twist, but cultures coming together is a phenomenon of all ages: Welcome to The Silk Route 2.0.

Caravan container