Our Story

Caravan&co was established in 2007, while I was living in India. It is a passion project built on friendship and based on the principles of maintaining sustainable partnerships to create opportunities for income and employment.

It was while admiring the beauty and grace of the local women adorned in sari’s, that I discovered the transformational power of colour, and print. I was moved to bring my own collection of these fabrics to Aotearoa.

Thankfully so many of you enjoyed and appreciated my offerings! I was able to continue to source my collection from the communities in India that I had become so connected to continuing to create opportunities for craft and trade.

These products have been handmade by artisans in India & Africa who work either as employees, or remotely in their villages and then on-sell to my suppliers.

Resourcefulness is fundamental to their work and what they can create with the resources they have is phenomenal. Many of the items are made from recycled/reinvented fabrics, each item as unique as the one who makes them, and the one who wears them.

It is a true pleasure for me to grow both my collection, and my partnerships, and to watch all of you beautiful wahine around Aotearoa connect with your unique colour, texture & print.

Arohanui, Emily xx