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Our Story



Caravan&co was established in 2006, while I was living in India. It is a passion project built on friendship and sustainable partnerships creating opportunities for income and employment.

It was after many moments of admiring the beauty and grace of the local women adorned in vibrant, colourful, floaty sari’s, that I realised just how transformational colour and fabric can be.  Not only to how you appear but also to how you feel.  

I had never seen those kinds of colours or fabrics outside of India.  And so I decided to bring my own collection of the same fabrics, but made into beautiful garments to suit our lifestyles in Aotearoa.

Many different women from around NZ have been enjoying my collection.  Thank you! I have been able to continue to source these garments from the communities in India that I have become so connected to.

I have expanded my partnerships to Morocco where I work with my deep connections of friends and family sourcing sustainable artisan made bags, hand woven fabrics, and sterling silver jewellery from the Nomad tribes in the Sahara. 

My collection has been made by hand by artisans who work either as employees, or work remotely from home in their villages while caring for their families, and then on-sell to my suppliers.

What they can create with the resources they have is phenomenal.  They use many natural, traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations and many of the items are made from recycled/reinvented fabrics, promoting sustainable fashion.  Each item as unique as the one who makes them.

It is a true pleasure for me to grow both my collection, and my partnerships, and to watch as so many of you beautiful wahine around Aotearoa connect with these exotic colours, textures & prints.

Arohanui, Emily xx