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Our Story



Caravan&co began back in 2006 when i was living in India.  It all began with the intention of providing sustainable employment and income opportunities for my friends in India.

After being struck by the cruelty of poverty, and realising that the only way out of it would be with ongoing opportunities for income, Caravan&co came to be.  I wanted to do my part to create more sustainable opportunities for income long after I left.

Over the duration of five years, I spent two years of which in India.  I developed a rich appreciation for the culture, and the community I was living in.  People from all walks of life welcomed me into their villages, and their homes.

The beautiful villages in Rajasthan offered me an abundance of colour, beautiful textiles, rich culture, wonderful connections, and skilled artisans whose crafts have been passed down through generations.

I carefully chose the small businesses with whom I decided to trade with based upon how I felt when working with them in their workshops, and how I believed they would then contribute to their local community.

After 15 years I continue to work with two of those family businesses in Rajasthan.  They produce our range of clothing, and provide sustainable employment opportunities and a steady source of income.  (thank you!)

Many of our garments have been created out of recycled sari's, reducing our environmental impact, and offering further income opportunities for individuals in remote villages via the sale of their often unused sari's.  

Our production runs are in small quantity's to minimise waste and further reduce our environmental impact.  We love to connect with our customers so we can bring more of what you want and less of what you don't.

It has been my pleasure to extend our partnerships to Morocco where I have intimate connections.  (My husband is from Morocco). By purchasing hand made artisan items I adore supporting the arts and offering further opportunities for trade.

The garments and accessories that you find in our collection are so much more than what you see.  They are an opportunity. They are a tradition.  They are a community.

Caravan&co is a passion project built on friendship and ethical partnerships. 

Because I want you to love what you wear.


Em x